The goal for this thesis is to identify challenges for the design of user interfaces that adapt to the context of use. The outcome of this thesis will be guidelines, patterns or methods that help the designer of adaptive user interfaces to overcome the identified challenges.

Keywords: Adaptivity, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction, Adaptive User Interfaces, Contextual Interfaces, Conversational Interfaces, Intelligent User Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Adaptivity vs. Adaptability

I define a system as adaptable if the adaptation is intended by the user. And a system as adaptive if the adaptation is intended by the system, e.g. by interpretation of the context of use.

Context of Use

I define the context of use as a triangle with three components; user, environment and platform.

  • User: The needs, preferences and task of the user at the time of user interaction.
  • Environment: Physical aspects such as lighting, equipment layout, operating circumstances, psychological aspects such as the provision of help and training and socio-political such as the organizational environment in which the interaction takes place.
  • Platform: (1) The device used for the interaction (hardware) and (2) the software platform running the user interface.

Notes and Research

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