Dropsale is the latest project of me and my team at thangs.


Music distribution has changed a lot in the last couple of years. A lot of young independent artists on Soundcloud, YouTube etc. do all the marketing on their own, mainly by connecting with their fans through social media. With Dropsale we provide them an easy tool to quickly get started and focus totally on marketing. It just takes 3 simple steps and under 1 minute to set up a microshop and accept payments for your digital download.

Set up a microshop in under 1 minute

1st: Upload your song as MP3 on Dropsale.co via drag & drop

2nd: Name your price and generate your unique sale link

3rd: Share your link and accept payments from your fans via Credit Card or PayPal

(no PayPal account required)

Things we’ve tested so far

In the first test run we approved our first hypothesis: “We believe that fans (friends and family) of the artist will buy the song on Dropsale because they have read about it on social media.” ✅

In customer interviews we approved our second hypothesis: “We believe that most of the customers buy the song because they want to support the artist.” ✅

What we will test next

“We believe that artists (musicians) need support with their social media marketing because they want to make more sales.” ❓

“We believe that customers are willing to pay more because they want to support the artist.” ❓

This is how Dropsale works

Simply drag & drop your song on our website

Name the price you want and generate sales link

Share your link on social media and focus on marketing

Your fans can now pay for a digital download of your song

They can support you by paying more

Simple clear forms and responses

And finally a happy fan and artist

Or Discuss it!